Kickstarting A New Album

After years of always using my computer to produce music, I finally have the means to record my work live, so I'm making an album. 

I'm producing the entire thing myself, so I'm starting a Kickstarter campaign on May 1st, 2018 to help raise the funds to make it happen.

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Piano album CD COVER 4.png

What is it?

A new piano album of 14 original, fantasy-inspired piano pieces written and recorded by yours truly.

This album not only takes us into a world of fantasy, but it is also a reflection on things that we feel, like those moments where we find ourselves content and happy, or times when we reminisce about the past. I think it's just as important to have moments of reflection in a story, as it is to have the journey. 

There are so many things that connect us, and music can remind us of the experiences we all share.

Everything, from the music to the cover of the album to the sheet music book, will be produced by me, but I have to pay distributors, CD manufacturers, and music printers.

With your help, I know this can happen. 

Thank you!