My music is available to listen to on YouTubeSpotify, and other places online. You can click the social links at the bottom of the page to follow and subscribe. If you'd like to support my work, the best way is to buy music from Bandcamp, or become a patron, but I also have music available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.

Sonic Storytellers 5 Day Composition


This challenge was to write a song a day for 5 days straight. Here's a playlist of what I wrote.

21 Days of VGM Composition Challenge 2017

This was the first 21 day challenge I participated in, and the first one hosted by the VGM Academy website. The goal of this challenge was to write 2-4 measures of music every day for 21 days. I mostly did short ideas, but I managed to finish 10 complete pieces during the challenge, which motivated me to try to finish a new piece every day for the 2018 challenge. I did, and that collection (2018) became Melody Stories.

Game Jams

Game jams (in case you don't know) are events where a bunch of people get together to make a video game in a short amount of time. Sometimes a week, sometimes a month, etc. These are pieces I've created during game jams.