Holland Albright

Holland Albright


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Holland Albright


Holland Albright is a self-taught, freelance composer living in New York City. Blending elements of jazz, classical, and other genres, and influenced by video game, film, and classical composers, Holland creates new music that is captivating, romantic, exciting, and accessible.

At the age of 14, Holland taught himself how to use Sibelius, a music notation software, and began composing. His passion for video game and film music came about around the same time, when he discovered the soundtracks of various fantasy-themed video games and animated films. He fell in love with the music and stories, which inspired him to create his own music that is beautiful, emotional and relatable. 

Whether it be warlocks slaying dragons, or the feeling of sitting by a window watching the rain fall, it's easy to be swept away into another world through Holland's music. 

If you need music for your game, animated film, or other project, feel free to reach out.